Qamuy is a quantum computing cloud for chemistry, on which you can calculate various key properties with quantum algorithms with ease. We implement cutting-edge algorithms for quantum chemistry that can be run in near-term quantum devices.

Key features of Qamuy include:

How it works#

Structure of Qamuy#

A user sends high level inputs (chemical systems, quantum algorithms selections) to the Qamuy cloud server with Qamuy client tool. These inputs are translated into corresponding quantum circuits. The quantum circuits will be executed on our high-performance simulators or on real quantum computers.

After the circuit executions, measurement or simulation results from the devices are analyzed and returned to the user with additional information useful to evaluate the quantum algorithm.

Structure of Qamuy

Structure of Qamuy#

Using Qamuy#

Qamuy provides a seamless workflow using quantum computers for chemistry. A typical scenario for testing a quantum algorithm:

  1. Select algorithms and parameters to experiment on a simulator.

  2. Further test the algorithms with sampling simulations.

  3. Use the chosen algorithm to perform calculations on a real quantum computer.

  • See Getting started to start using Qamuy.

  • You can use Qamuy as a command-line tool with the computational tasks specified by input files written in YAML or JSON formats.

  • You can also use Qamuy as a python library and run calculations within a Python script with our SDK feature.

  • For detailed specifications of input and output data, see Input data and Output data.